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What began as a passion project in 2016 became a reality two years later as INK AND ETCH harnessed a growth mindset to partner with local artists and businesses to discover our collective purpose. 

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Redefining the Way 
We Grow

Taking the biggest risk of our professional careers was only the beginning. A 17 year career suddenly in question would lead to the most fulfilling moments in my life. It was a moment of clarity brought about by the birth of our son and an unexpected stay in the NICU that now provides a sense of calm and purpose to everyday life.

Today, I have the privilege of helping tell the stories of others. My hope is that I affect community in a positive way, through design and branding definitely, but more importantly the connections of talented people who are doing amazing things. 

I operate Ink and Etch with a trust that great people do good things. I define my business not by services but instead collaborations. I value relationships and tell stories because I believe in others.


Your [new] friend,


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